Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finding People

A conversation on the Business Librarians listserv yielded this article: People Search Tools Populate the Web by by Paula J. Hane in Searcher magazine. In it, she mentions several specific sites. I decided to see if I could find myself.

On Wink, there were 231 people named Roger Green, and I was somewhere in the 20s. So I registered, and I ended up #1, with little usable info, save for my city,while ANOTHER record for me, that gave my place of employment and my job title, STILL resided in the 20s.

On Spock, I was 42 out of 441, but there was enough identifiers to know it was me. In addition to my age, it noted:
married Protestant librarian Pisces Grad / professional school Black / African descent Suny College At New Paltz straight From Binghamton, NY.

I went to Pipl and found me all over the place, without even indicating my city/state. I found my work e-mail address (long defunct) and my blog. Adding my city/state, I found my current address and phone number, and my previous two, one from 1999 or earlier. This site also offers more in depth info about me for a fee.

There are more sites for you to check out as well.

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