Monday, February 11, 2008

Google Uncle Sam

Government Information on the Web

Use Google Uncle Sam, also called Google U.S. Government Search, to find online federal, state, or local government information.
From Hill Library:

Google Uncle Sam will limit your search to government Web sites only. This specialized Google service can be helpful if you are looking for government information related to your business, such as economic reports, tax legislation, employment regulations, patents or trademarks.

To access Google’s U.S. Government Search:

* Go to
* Enter keywords.
* Click on the “Search Government Sites” button.

I like it because it captures all those sites I used to try to get by searching, individually, all the .gov, .mil and .us sites.

While Google is the most ubiquitous name in online search, it’s not the only government search engine on the Web. The U.S. government provides its own portal to online government information at In addition to its search engine, provides a helpful directory of online government information.

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