Thursday, May 8, 2008

2010 Census Web site

What You Need to Know about the 2010 Census

PDF Fact Sheets for:
Community and Social Service Organizations
Elected Officials
Faith-Based Organizations

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Scott Gibson said...

I look forward to new census results. It's amazing what one can learn by looking at the data.

I've charted some interesting census education data at:

Look at high school graduation rates from 1940 and 2006. Glad I didn't go to school in 1960; I'd only be 50% likely to have 4 years of high school education (I'm white). I see dramatic improvement for black high school education, but not so great for hispanics.

Also, check out SAT scores vs. state education funding. No guarantee of high achievement if you spend a lot on education. Hmmm...

There are some international comparisons as well. Our test scores sure don't correspond to how much we invest in education.

I think we need to re-look at how we teach the next generation.

Scott Gibson
'worth a thousand words'