Friday, April 1, 2011

Copyright quiz

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When it comes to copyright law, there is much misinformation. Take the test below to determine what you think is a copyright truth or myth (false).

Truth or Myth (False)?

T F 1. Only registered works are protected by copyright.

T F 2. Online content is in the public domain unless it has a copyright notice.

T F 3. In at least 164 countries that belong to the Berne [Copyright] Convention, copyright protection is automatic upon creation of the work.

T F 4. In all countries, the duration of copyright is seventy years after the death of the author.

T F 5. Fair use is intentionally ambiguous.

T F 6. You can copy 3 percent of a work without obtaining copyright permission.

T F 7. If a work does not have a copyright notice, ©, then you may freely use the work without obtaining permission.

T F 8. All U.S. government works are in the public domain.

T F 9. Fair use never applies in a for profit situation.

T F 10. There is no such thing as an international copyright law.

Answers HERE or below.

QUIZ 1 - general copyright knowledge

QUIZ 2 - international copyright knowledge

Answers to above quiz: 1F, 2F, 3T, 4F, 5T, 6F, 7F, 8F, 9F, 10T

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