Tuesday, July 5, 2011

U.S. Net International Investment Position at Yearend 2010

From the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

The U.S. net international investment position at yearend 2010 was -$2,471.0 billion (preliminary), as the value of foreign investments in the United States continued to exceed the value of U.S. investments abroad. At yearend 2009, the U.S. net international investment position was -$2,396.4 billion (revised).

The -$74.6 billion change in the U.S. net investment position from yearend 2009 to yearend 2010 primarily reflected net foreign acquisitions of financial assets in the United States that exceeded net U.S. acquisitions of
financial assets abroad. The impact of these financial flows was partly offset
by the net change in valuation adjustments, which include price changes,
exchange-rate changes, and other changes such as more complete source data.

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