Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fundraising Raffle Laws, Rules, and Regulations

by Deane Brengle

In the United States and Canada all types of fundraising raffles are considered to be games of chance. Consequently, they are very tightly regulated and failure to adhere to the law is considered a serious offense. If you have any doubt about the correct procedures, do not rely on anybody's word but a government official or a lawyer knowledgeable in these matters.

In many areas there may be more than one governmental body that has jurisdiction over a fundraising raffle. It is always good to check your state/province/territory and your local government for any necessary licenses and permits.

In almost all cases an application for a license must be made to the governing unit. This application and the resulting permit may takes weeks or months to process and receive. Do not proceed to hold a fundraising raffle without having the necessary paperwork in hand.

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