Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Newly developed 2010 PUMA reference files for NYS

The Program on Applied Demographics has just completed mapping the recently released 2010 PUMA reference files for New York. These are available for viewing and/or downloading via the http://pad.human.cornell.edu/maps2010/maps/NYS_PUMAs.pdf PAD website. The entire set are in PDF format. As an aid to those of you that might want to make comparisons to their work on 2000 PUMAs, reference maps showing the relationship between the delineations for 2000 and for 2010 are also provided. Recall that in the process of building the 2010 PUMA boundaries, the NY SDC strove to get sets of PUMAs to coincide with the ten economic development regions developed by the NY DED in collaboration with NY DOL. Accordingly the PAD maps reflect this. That is, all the 2010 PUMAS in the Capital region are presented on one map. All those contained in the Central region are in another map and so forth. Note #1: these are boundary maps only; the PUMS data corresponding to these have not been released yet. Note #2: these are packaged into a large PDF file (approximately 18 Mbyes) so be patient for the download. As always, let PAD know of problems with the file or individual maps.

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