Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Center for Governmental Research: Serving the Public Interest Since 1915

George Eastman, the visionary leader who created Eastman Kodak, founded a bureau of municipal research in Rochester NY in 1915 “to get things done for the community” and to serve as an “independent, non-partisan agency for keeping citizens informed.” Over more than 9 decades CGR has grown from a bureau focused on the needs of one city into an organization with far broader reach.

Today CGR works to bring clarity to issues that affect the quality of life in communities throughout the Northeast. We work with government, nonprofit and business leaders who drive public policy action and organizational change. We inform and empower leaders by providing fact-based, objective research and analysis and by making recommendations that are achievable. Our clients value the quality of our work, our pragmatic approach and our commitment to remaining independent and non-partisan.

Community Profiles (also called Community Indicators projects) take the pulse of a community over time. Comparative performance data on many topics—from economics to education to health—empower leaders and residents to assess community vitality relative to other communities, the state and the nation.

Our web-based profiles make the information understandable, meaningful and accessible. Each profile is a launching pad for community-wide dialogues about strengths, challenges and opportunities, and a valuable resource for informing community planning and strategy development.

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