Monday, October 26, 2015

Statistics of Income Tax Stats

This document contains the federal tax forms, schedules, and information documents that the Statistics of Income (SOI) Division of the IRS has selected for its Tax Year programs. It is organized in 3 parts:

Individual Statistics Branch studies include data related to the Form 1040 Individual income tax return series, as well as data on sales of capital assets and an extensive program that connects income tax returns with information documents filed by third parties.

The Corporation Statistics Branch studies focus on data collected from the Form 1120 series and SOI’s Partnership program.

Special Studies Branch programs include data collected for Estate and Gift Taxes, Tax-exempt Organizations, and Tax-Exempt Bonds, as well as information collected for international filers.

Each tax form included in the SOI program is represented in this volume. Due to resource constraints, data from certain forms and schedules are collected periodically, rather than annually. For this reason, the contents of this document will vary somewhat from year to year. The information collected for each SOI project is developed in close collaboration with data users both inside and outside of the government. Most SOI programs are based on stratified samples of returns for which data are collected prior to IRS audits; therefore the data represent information as originally reported by taxpayers.
Returns for the most recent Tax Year available are filed primarily during the prior calendar year, although returns for fiscal-year filers or filers for whom filing extensions have been granted may not be received by the IRS until the calendar year following. Consequently, data collected by SOI for a specific Tax Year will generally be made available to the public, in the form of tables and summary analyses, during the following two calendar years.

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