Friday, August 3, 2007

Hey There, Sports Fans

I'm a sucker for a simple-to-do survey. I'm a member of the Sports Illustrated Box Seat, and as such fill out a number of surveys during the year.

One survey in early 2006 they asked questions about typical shopping habits, the best places to shop for apparel and info about personal style. The results came in, in April 2006:

SI Subscribers are apparel shoppers. During the past 12 months . . .
-74% have shopped for apparel at a Retail Store
-18% have shopped for apparel online
-8% have shopped for apparel from a catalog

SI Subscribers are more likely to visit department stores (such as Macy’s and
Kohl’s), specialty clothing stores (like Banana Republic and The Gap), and Sporting
Goods Stores (such as Dick’s and Champ’s) than mass merchandise stores (like

SI Subscribers' favorite stores to shop for apparel are -- Target, Kohl’s, Old
Navy, Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, The Gap, and Costco

SI’s Subscribers, who shop for apparel online or via catalogs, gravitate toward
the major and established outlets
-L.L. Bean
-Land’s End

SI Subscribers are brand conscious . . . and recognize the importance of looking
good for one’s career . . . are willing to spend more for apparel . . . and plan their purchases before shopping
-85% agree that quality is more important than trends when choosing apparel
-68% are willing to spend a little more for a good brand name
-65% agree that to be successful, you need to look successful
-38% agree that when shopping for apparel, price is the most important factor
to consider
-66% agree that when they shop, they usually know what they want ahead of
time and plan their purchases before shopping

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