Friday, August 10, 2007

Manufacturing companies and their plant locations


"Does anyone know of a directory or database of manufacturing companies and their plant locations? I don't need subsidiary or division locations. There are plenty of database for that. I need to be able to determine where a company's manufacturing plants are located."

REPLY #1: "Try searching the EPA envirofacts warehouse to find plant locations. This source obviously does not cover every company or facility but it is free and easy to use.

"For example enter General Motors in 'facility selection' and then scroll to the bottom to hit search, when the results come up click on 'view facility information' - you get some basic information plus a map of the location and the Duns number so you can run a D&B report or obtain additional information from a D&B database."

REPLY #2: "This is true and an excellent resource and at last count had more than 1.3 million US facilities. However, remember two points about this database:
1. The database is about 24 months out of date
2. Any facility listed must have EPA registered emissions or waste (air, water, hazmat, etc.). Gasoline stations are exempt; i.e. no emissions and the facility will not be listed.
However, most plant facilities have some kind of emissions. Even Keebler Cookie plants are listed.

Another good site to see a companies facilities with address is the searchable OSHA database.

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