Monday, September 24, 2007

Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council Newsletter

The Fall 2007 Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Review – Newsletter of the G/FLRPC has come out, featuring:
· Tracking Our Changing Region: The Regional Land Use Monitoring Report
· Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) Program Update
· The Village of Pike Progresses with its Dissolution Study
· A Land Use Strategy for Our Region’s Steep Slopes
· Watershed Plans: Protecting and Restoring Water Quality: A new guide by the Department of State and Department of Environmental Conservation
· Ontario-Wayne MS4 Update
· G/FLRPC Holds Annual Meeting
· A Sense of Place
· Planning Leads to Results
· G/FLRPC Recent Publications

I've created a new section for newsletters, and the G/FLRPC newsletter is the inaugural item. If any of the affiliates want to suggest other newsletters, please leave suggestions in the comment section.

I'm still looking for more affiliate links and, of course, affiliate contributions.

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