Tuesday, July 1, 2008

.com Is So Faux Pas

From the Branding Indentity Guru:
Web regulators Thursday voted to allow the creation of thousands of new domain names, from .paris to .Pepsi, in one of the biggest shake-ups in Internet history, a French web official said.

The overhaul is expected to radically change the way users navigate the Internet and has major implications for businesses and consumers worldwide.

Under the new system, the web’s 1.3 billion users would be able from 2009 to buy an unlimited number of generic addresses based on common words, brands or company names, cities or proper names.

The popular online trading site eBay is one of the many companies that wants to have its own domain name.

Read the entire story here.

Now, I'm wondering about someone buying pepsisucks.pepsi and what Pepsi might be able to do about it.

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