Thursday, July 17, 2008

TradeVibes Company Search

From the J.J. Hill library.

Looking for detailed information on private companies, such as funding source, number of employees, names of key decision makers, and competitor listings? Good luck. This type of information is generally locked in the realm of expensive databases.

But TradeVibes isn't expensive. In fact, it's free. And it brings together just this type of detailed information on thousands of private companies throughout the consumer Web, technology, and advertising industries. There's that fairly strict industry focus, but if you're looking for data on a Web-savvy company, you'll likely find it here.

The site is built on a wiki platform, so anyone can contribute, but that makes it all the better as a good starting place for tech company research.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Roger! TradeVibes is pretty useful. Other than being able to research facts about companies, I like how they also have news and opinions about companies.