Friday, October 10, 2008

USA Today notes difficulty of next decennial Census

For 2010 Census, counting gets tougher:
To count [families], the Census Bureau first has to find them. Complicating the task is a widespread climate of suspicion about personal data landing in the wrong hands and government's increased surveillance power. Much of the unease is engendered by the growing problem of identity theft and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The article also had an interesting timeline, provided by our good friends at Census.


Fall: Recruitment begins for local Census jobs for early operations.


Spring: Census workers go door to door to update address lists.
Fall: Recruitment begins for Census takers for 2010.


February-March: Census questionnaires mailed or delivered to households.
April-July: Census takers visit households that did not mail in a questionnaire.
December: Census Bureau delivers population counts to president for apportionment.

March: Census Bureau finishes delivering redistricting data to states.

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