Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Copyright Newsletter not just for lawyers

The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter, volume 13 (2009) issue 1, is now available. This 13-year-old quarterly print and electronic newsletter provides copyright information, news, analysis and practical advice, in plain English from a variety of contributors - from lawyers to academics to others working on copyright and licensing issues in their organizations.
Each issue is 12 pages.

T of C (Vol. 13, Issue 1)
Editorial – lobbying for copyright reform
Copyright Rules of the Road for Bloggers
U.S. Copyright Legislation in 2009
Copyright Quiz 1.0
“Non-Commercial” and Other Definitions in Licenses
Copyright Questions & Answers (a comprehensive list of these Qs & As is at www.copyrightanswers.blogspot.com.

You may also email editor@copyrightlaws.com for a PDF version of this issue.

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