Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New York State Civil Service Announcements Now Exclusively Online

Examination postings by the NYS Department of Civil Service are now exclusively electronic. Approximately every two weeks an updated examination schedule is posted here.

Individuals may register to receive these postings automatically. To register, go here.

Both sites are also linked through the New York State Library's Job Information in Public Libraries site under the heading "Civil Service".

In addition, the Department of Civil Service, Recruitment Services Unit, engages in targeted recruitment for specific examinations from time to time. Through these targeted recruitments, Civil Service reaches out to individuals and organizations across New York State to inform the public on examination opportunities in a specific field (for example, exams for positions with the Division of Veterans' Affairs).

For more information, please contact: Cassandra Artale, New York State Library / Division of Library Development, 518/474-1479, cartale@mail.nysed.gov or Jessica Rowe, New York State Department of Civil Service / Recruitment Services Unit, 518/474-6231, SSDRecruitServices@cs.state.ny.us

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