Friday, January 21, 2011

Conservative commentary on the ACS

I was sent this article under the header YOUR PAPERS, PLEASE…
Census 2010 lives on with new mailings - Document demands 'very personal information about my household'.

The Manassa, Va., tea party chairman Dan Arnold, is alarmed because he just got the Census Bureau's American Community Survey. "Apparently being forced to fill out the census was not enough," said Arnold. "I now have to fill out – under threat of legal penalty – a 28-page survey giving the Commerce Department very personal information about the inhabitants of my household! It's nothing but an insidious attempt to gather private information on all citizens."

In 2009, WND senior staff writer Jerome Corsi interviewed Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, about his bill to make most of the survey's answers voluntary, which, of course would make the survey statistically invalid.

It goes on that way, full of misinformation, or perhaps disinformation, along with the truth that the data are confidential. To paraphrase one demographic expert, how does one decide how to spend finite fiscal resources sans adequate data?

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