Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finding geographies with geographies in American FactFinder

Someone asked "Is there a way on American Factfinder to get info for census tracts within Census Designated Places? In other words, Geo within a Geo?

I knew how to do this on the old FactFinder, but not on the new one. Fortunately, one of the other Data Detectives did!

If you go to Geographies, click “all geography types” and then select summary level 080 “Census Tract (or part)”. You can then walk down your selections and select, for example, “New York”, “Suffolk”, “Babylon”, “West Babylon” and at the bottom all the tracts and part of tracts within West Babylon CDP.

If you go to the “Name” tab you can do something similar (don’t forget to select “all geography types”). I find it easiest to start with opening the “Summary levels” instead of the “geography types”. You can select tracts for more places at once using this route.

The first option worked for me; still haven't mastered the second...

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