Friday, May 23, 2014

Sub county population estimates and county housing units estimates now available

The Census Bureau released population estimates for cities, towns and villages.

All detail, including estimates for balance of town, parts of villages within a town, etc can be downloaded for each state. There is also a description of the methodology on that page.

You can find a table on incorporated places (cities and villages) in AFF.
For New York.

And a table for all county subdivisions (towns and cities) in AFF.
For New York.

Also released are estimates for the number of housing units. On AFF.
For New York.

If you see anything that looks suspicious because of your local knowledge please let me know. The Census Bureau has different avenues to integrate better local data when available but with some limitations on the kinds of data they can accept. Data on building permits and demolitions are driving this round of estimates.

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