Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2008 Foreclosure Filings

This link on the New York State banking department site has great info on NY State foreclosure filings. In the press release section, the quarters can be found at the the following dates:
1st qtr - April 29, 2008
2nd qtr - July 31
3rd qtr - October 30
4th qtr - January 23, 2009 (4th qtr and full year is listed)
Interestingly, last qtr is described thusly: "New York Foreclosure Filings Down in Fourth Quarter 2008, Reflecting Impact of State Efforts".

At the bottom of the page for each link there's the following options:
top ten counties in New York for foreclosure filings
foreclosure filings alphabetically by county
foreclosure filings by percentage of filings

[Thanks, TK.]

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