Friday, June 12, 2009

Census Update

From the June 2009 State Data Center Steering Committee Highlights

2010 Census
• About 13 million English/Spanish questionnaires will be sent to all addresses in tracts where 20 percent or more of the households had 1 or more persons age 15 and older speaking Spanish and not speaking English very well based on the 2000 Census and current knowledge
• Language assistance guides will be available in 59 languages

Funders Census Initiative (FCI) is a project of the Funder’s Committee for Civic Participation
• A number of foundations are getting more interested in the Census, as users of the data and realizing the importance of an accurate count, and are working to encourage complete counts.
• These foundations may be willing to support local census promotion activities.

ACS Data Changes
• 95 detailed tables are being deleted from the 2008 ACS 1-year products due to breaks in series resulting from changes in the questionnaire.
• Most of these are being replaced with new tables. There will be 99 new detailed tables
• 37 detailed tables will be modified from previous years
• New topics for 2008 are marital history, health insurance, and service-connected disability
• Major changes have been made to the disability questions in 2008 result in a break in this series and no comparability with earlier years
• Disability related detailed tables are being renumbered. A note will indicate that these tables are not comparable with the similar looking table from previous years – a reference to the specific old table number will be included
• There will be no 3-year disability tables until the 2008-2010 tables are released in 2011.
• There will be no 5-year disability tables until the 2008-2012 tables are released in 2013
• The employment questions have been revised to be closer to the CPS questions. The impact of this change is being evaluated – the data may or may not be comparable with previous years. If it is determined that there is a break in this series, it will be handled the same way as the disability data.

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