Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Employment Firm Size Data

U.S. Census Bureau employment size of firm data (partially funded by the Office of Advocacy) has been updated for 2007. The data list the number of firms, establishments, employment, annual payroll and receipts by firm size for regions by industry. The data is now available for a twenty-year period covering a few business cycles, making time series analysis a possibility.
Additions to the data for this year include county figures and more industry detail for states (going back to 1998.) Historic county figures are a future priority.

In 2007, similar to 2001, small firm (fewer than 500 employees) employment fell below large firm employment. If employment patterns after the 2001 downturn hold, small firm employment will pass large firm employment when the economy expands. With 2007 being an Economic Census year, receipts are available. Small firm receipts for 2007 were $11.4 trillion, representing 38 percent of private-sector receipts (similar to 2002's 39 percent.)

Data on firm turnover (starts and stops) and job churn by firm size will be available for 2006 to 2007 at a later date.

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