Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trendpedia - Blog Search

From the James J. Hill Library

Say you're interested in finding recent blog posts on a particular topic or in a niche industry. Or you want to track the use of a term in blogs over time. Forget about Google. Remember Trendpedia.

Trendpedia searches across recent postings in an attempt to shed light on what bloggers are talking about at a distinct moment in time. Today, for example. Or yesterday. Run a search on a term and find a chart tracking that term's use over time, complete with links to the actual blog posts themselves. You can also compare multiple terms (e.g. mobile vs. email marketing) and email results.

The site is European, which becomes evident from the date structure (June 24 = "24-06"), but the coverage is universal. Use Trendpedia to keep close tabs on the blogosphere.

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