Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pew Explains Why the Conservatives Live in Their Own “Reality”

The Pew Research group has a great reputation for non-partisan and accurate public polling and political analysis. In fact, it was tied as the most accurate polling organization in the 2012 elections. Given their history of success, it is reasonable to have confidence in the results of their polling, particularly in issues where partisanship is an issue.

[In November], Pew released an exceptional report, detailing the news media habits of Americans based upon their partisan affiliation. Pew polled a large number of Americans to determine their political leanings and news consumption habits. The results of this study were, while not surprising, extremely revealing and informative.

The Pew study concluded that conservatives differ dramatically from liberals and moderates in their news media consumption habits. Moderates and liberals trust a much wider range of sources than conservatives. Similarly, from among the news sources that they trust, conservatives watch/listen to fewer sources while moderates and liberals access a much wider range.

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