Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Use DigBig to shorten long work-related Web addresses (URLs), making them easier to communicate. DigBig is free to use. Hey, isn't this like TinyURL? Well, yes and no.

"Why should I register with DigBig to shorten URLs?"
DigBig URLs will be linked directly to your own account, meaning you can see all the URLs you have shortened and the number of hits they receive.
DigBig staff continually moderate use of DigBig to ensure it remains a work-related resource, free of spam abuse.
You can opt-in to receive news of enhancements to the DigBig service.

"Can I use DigBig if I do not register?"
No, you must register to use DigBig. Registration is free, but requiring it enables us to prevent spam abuse of the service.

"I used to be able to use DigBig without registering. What happened?"
As of 1 May 2007, we implemented the registration requirement to provide users with more functionality and eliminate spam abuse of the service.

"What will happen to old DigBig URLs?"
DigBig URLs created before the introduction of the registration system will stay exactly as they are and will continue to work. They will not expire or be removed.
Existing URLs cannot be assigned to a member account.

"What if I shorten a URL that someone else has already shortened?"
You will receive a new unique shortened DigBig URL

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