Sunday, June 22, 2008

Latino Census Network

In a recent e-mail, I discovered that there is A National Informational Network on Latino Census Issues organized by the National Institute for Latino Policy (NiLP), 101 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10013.

The story reads: The challenges facing an accurate Latino count by the 2010 Census in light of the negative environment created by anti-immigrant and anti-Latino sentiment in this country and other factors will be enormous. It is, therefore, critical that Census Bureau staff who will be doing the outreach have adequate numbers of Latinos in their ranks at all levels. It goes on to say that Census has done an inadequate job of hiring Latinos, below the civilian work force and even below the federal government workforce. Without being an apologist for the Bureau, I know the folks covering the regions that include New York State are anxious to have a well-trained d, diverse workforce.

The Census Bureau is now in the process of hiring people in preparation for the 2010 Census to staff their Early Regional Census Centers in management and office positions in


Boston (includes Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands)






Kansas City

Los Angeles

New York



For more information about employment openings at the Census Bureau, contact US Census Bureau Regional Offices or the Census Bureau.


Anonymous said...

I just (Sep 7) saw your post about the Latino Census Network that we sponsor.

While I agree that there are many in the regional Census offices that are working hard to have a well-trained and diverse work force, the problem of the perisistence of Latino representation in Census jobs and leadership is a very longterm and serious one.

What you didn't post to your members was the information we provided that Latinos are less than 6 percent of the Census work force dspite being over 17 percent of the civilian labor force. That is a major gap that the Census Bureau has not been able to address systematically.

I do not believe you are an apologist for the Bureau, but I think it is important that the seriousness of the problem not be minimized in the manner you have done.

Roger Owen Green said...

Apologist for the Census? Yikes! No, I do know the folks in this region, and their stated commitment to diversity, I DO recognize, especially as an ethnic minority, that what is intended and what happens are not always the same.