Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Renewable Electricity and Nuclear State Profiles

The State Renewable Electricity Profiles 2010 present a summary of current and recent historical data for the renewable electric power industry. Presented are net summer capacity and net generation data for each type of renewable generator, as well as fossil-fired and nuclear power plant types, for the period 2006 through 2010.
The objective of this set of profiles is to provide a concise overview of the renewable electric power industry in each state. Data in this report are compiled from surveys filed by electric utilities and other electric power producers. It is prepared by the Office of Electricity, Renewables, and Uranium Statistics; Office of Energy Statistics; U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA); U.S. Department of Energy.

DocuTicker's description:
The Nuclear State Profiles report consists of data tables for the nuclear power plants in each U.S. state. Standard reported data includes a plant's summer capacity, net generation, share of the state's generation, and identification of the plant owners. For each state, the report provides a breakdown of the state's primary energy sources, such as nuclear, coal, and natural gas.

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