Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Website with Six Decades of Age-Specific Net Migration Estimates

A new database, developed with funding from NIH-NICHD and USDA-ERS, was just released. Richelle Winkler and Kenneth M. Johnson were Co-PI’s on the project. They did the 2000-2010 age specific net migration estimates for all U.S. counties by age-race and sex. The technical documentation for this is available from the website. Here is a link to the first overview of the findings, which was just released as a Carsey Brief.

The coolest part of the new release is a new website at the Applied Population Lab at the Univ of Wisconsin-Madison. It combines their new estimates with similar estimates done by five teams of demographers for the last five decades. So, users have access to six decades of age-specific net migration data for every U.S. county. In addition to being able to download any or all of the data, users can also use simple on-line tools to chart data for up to three counties over six decades or to map the data. Jim Beaudoin at APL UW-M did all the web design for the new site.

This may be invaluable to researchers, planners and policy-makers. Kenneth Johnson suggests you try it— "but be forewarned, it is addictive to data junkies like us."

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