Thursday, June 6, 2013

Briefing Paper on Bullying

While discourse on bullying is predominantly focused on developed countries or those that are high or very high on the Human Development Index, the fact is it occurs everywhere, in every country on the globe. As increasing numbers of young people have begun socializing through the internet, using social networking websites, cyber bulling too has become a significant vehicle for abuse and violence. Children and young people around the world suffer from bullying, both in the real world as well as the virtual world. Children and young people subjected to bullying can feel depressed, anxious, dejected and may suffer from personality disorders, suicidal and self-harm tendencies.

With growing awareness amongst children and young people about bullying, contacts with child helplines on this issue are rising. In this briefing paper, Child Helpline International (CHI) has compiled statistics and information on contacts about bullying that child helplines have received since 2003. Based on 126 million contacts made with member child helplines, Child Helpline International has analysed the different aspects of bullying disaggregated at different levels – global and regional— taking into account the gender of the victim and the perpetrators.

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