Friday, December 26, 2014

Reporters Without Borders' 2014 World Press Freedom Index: U.S. falls 13 places

Reporters Without Borders has posted its annual look at the state of press freedom around the world. As always, there are problems galore. As RWB points out, press freedom is non-existent in many countries, and people brave enough to be reporters there risk their liberty or lives even in absence of war. China, Sudan and Saudi Arabia are among them. On the other end of the study are Canada and the Scandinavian countries, where the press is outstandingly free. As for the United States:
Countries that pride themselves on being democracies and respecting the rule of law have not set an example, far from it. Freedom of information is too often sacrificed to an overly broad and abusive interpretation of national security needs, marking a disturbing retreat from democratic practices. Investigative journalism often suffers as a result.

This has been the case in the United States (46th), which fell 13 places, one of the most significant declines, amid increased efforts to track down whistleblowers and the sources of leaks.

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