Monday, June 25, 2007

Can the Web Make You More Productive?

Every weekday, I get an e-mail from containing links to some thematic area. Might be about film, or health, or holidays. I've ound it at least interesting and occasionally useful. An e-mail from last week posed the question of the title above.

The first link was to Top Ten Productivity Web Sites. A number of them are organizational tools. I have a Gmail account, useful for a number of functions, including this blog. My favorite tool in this grouping is TinyURL., where you go to and plug in a URL that goes to the second line of an e-mail you're sending and make the URL much shorter.

The second link was to Tips for Searching Effectively with Google. Look near the bottom to see how to find synonyms and searching within a range of numbers, things I've done in the past but had forgotten.

The final link is to How to Do Everything in Mozilla Firefox. I use Firefox at homwe, though not at work, and I like it better than Explorer; your experience may vary.

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