Friday, June 22, 2007

E Podunk is a useful tool to find a bunch of stuff (sorry for using such a technical term) about a place. For instance, one can search for, say, Binghamton, and it'll give you all the places called Binghamton. As it turns out, there's a town and a city, both in Broome County, NY. Let's look at the listing for the city of Binghamton, NY. One will find tidbits about the place, such as:
With Endicott and Johnson City, known as the Tri-Cities.
Binghamton is a city in Broome County.
It is the county seat.
The community was named for an early landholder, Philadelphia merchant William Bingham.
The latitude of Binghamton is 42.098N. The longitude is -75.918W.
Binghamton is at the confluence of the Susquehanna and Chenango rivers.
Then, as it does for other locations, it lists information both demographic and cultural.

The thing I've used the page most for, though, is ancestry. We often get requests for the concentration of, e.g., Cambodians in the U.S. From here, I can see that, according to the Census 2000, it's:
Lowell, MA city 10.37
Signal Hill, CA city 8.27
Bayou La Batre, AL city 5.84
White Center, WA populated place 4.61
Long Beach, CA city 4.39
Cascade, MN township 4.24
Lynn, MA city 4.21
Stockton, CA city 4.19
Revere, MA city 2.57
Providence, RI city 2.16
Tenino, WA city 2.14
Wheatland, CA city 2.11
Lexington, NC city 1.93
Tacoma, WA city 1.84
Tukwila, WA city 1.67
Roseland, CA populated place 1.63
Garland, UT city 1.6
Attleboro, MA city 1.53
Modesto, CA city 1.52
Holland, MI township 1.52
Fall River, MA city 1.46
Riverdale, GA city 1.44
Springvale, ME populated place 1.4
Rosemead, CA city 1.35
Kingston, RI populated place 1.27
Cranston, RI city 1.25
Raymond, WA city 1.24
Danbury, CT city 1.21
Sanford, ME town 1.13
Savage, MN city 1.11
SeaTac, WA city 1.11
Holland, MI city 1.1
Rochester, MN city 1.1
East Lansdowne, PA borough 1.08
Fresno, CA city 1.06
Lakewood, CA city 1.03
Bristol, IN town 1.01
Inman, SC city 1.01
Woodlynne, NJ borough 1

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