Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Census Bureau Launches 2010 Census Campaign With New Web Site

The U.S. Census Bureau last week kicked off its communications campaign to reach every resident in America with the launch of its 2010 Census Web site, 2010CENSUS.GOV. The Web site will serve as a platform for a national dialogue about how the census develops a “Portrait of America.”

2010CENSUS.GOV features an animated marquee that symbolizes the Census Bureau’s place at the intersection of the American experience. By clicking on images representative of the population, visitors can view video vignettes that ease fears about the census and encourage participation in the once-a-decade population count. The marquee will evolve over time, bringing the diverse voices of America to the site.

Press release.


AshleyCrimaldi said...

According to this video there will be many changes to the 2010 census, and some are opposed to giving out personal information. Can't people just skip questions they don't feel comfortable answering?

Roger Owen Green said...

The basic change to the 2010 Census specifically is that it will be shorter. Although the Census folks don't really like to mention it, the Census IS mandated by law. Indeed, the very idea of a census is required by the Constitution for purposes of representation.

So the answer is this: if one does not fill out the form completely, one will get a visit from an enumerator at their door, costing extra tax payer dollars.