Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bad news: Broadcasting Yearbook ceased publication. The GOOD news...

"A passing of a major institution in the broadcast biz: The Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook, formerly the Broadcasting Yearbook, was a dog-eared fixture on many broadcasters’ desks since probably before WWII." I found this book extremely useful in finding information about television, radio and cable, but the "2010 issue was the last.

"Over recent years, nearly all public and university libraries that held collections of Broadcasting weekly and yearbook issues have eliminated those resources upon analysis of usage; they were generally neither digitized nor microfilmed. Most libraries disposed of the Broadcasting issues." True, though painful. However -

"Because real information such as contained in publications like Broadcasting, Radio Daily, Television/Radio Age and R&R is needed by researchers and hobbyists alike, [David Gleason is] creating a 'virtual library' online with Broadcasting magazines and yearbooks and other industry publications... in an effort to preserve the availability for study and information retrieval of these diminishing resources."

Find The Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook HERE and other items HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Not true. It has been picked up by Grey House publishing. They are doing both a print and online version with some upgrades. Additional information will be added for stations, and it will be downloadable into spreadsheets, etc. (if you pay the hefty subscription fee).