Friday, October 2, 2015

Manufacturing Day: Oct. 2

In recognition of this fourth annual observance, the Census Bureau joins a group of public and private organizations in celebrating the importance of the manufacturing sector of the nation’s economy. The economic census, the Census Bureau’s most comprehensive source of information on American businesses and the economy, began collecting statistics on the manufacturing sector in 1810. In addition to the economic census, the Census Bureau releases manufacturing statistics from a multitude of surveys, including the Annual Survey of Manufactures, multiple economic indicators, and the Survey of Business Owners, to name a few. Today, our manufacturing statistics help paint a picture of the U.S. economy and the role this sector plays in it. Among some of the web pages that serve as a gateway to these data are:
·          Manufacturing Day home page — The homepage offers an array of previously released and new data products relevant to Manufacturing Day. Featured among these products is the Industry Snapshot for Manufacturing and the recently released Manufacturing and International Trade Report. New content is also available, including an infographic with a five-year comparison of the top 10 manufacturing subsectors of the economy using statistics from the Economic Census Manufacturing Summary Series as well as a link to today’s Director’s blog. A comprehensive infographic with the most recent year’s data from several key programs tracking the nation’s manufacturing industries will be added as it becomes available. Internet address: <>.
·          Profile America’s Stats for Stories: Manufacturing Day — Stats for Stories provides reporters and the public a one-stop shop for timely, relevant statistics and resources about observances not covered by the Facts for Features series. This edition includes links to manufacturing datasets from a variety of surveys, including but not limited to the Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories, and Orders; the Annual Survey of Manufactures; County Business Patterns; the Capital Spending Report; and multiple series from the economic census, including the Economic Census of Island Areas. Internet address: <>.

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